Home Management Programs and Services


At Safe Harbor Home Watch we offer the most comprehensive private home management programs in the area beginning with our in-depth initial home and property inspection followed by a customized service plan that meets your needs.

Initial Consultation

  • Meet with the client to answer any questions and discuss the benefits and costs of our Home Watch and Maintenance Service Programs.
  • After we agree to the terms we will conduct a full interior and exterior house inspection inclusive of the highlights listed below.

Home Watch

Home Exterior

  • Inspect and confirm all entrances and windows are secure and intrusion free
  • Inspect exterior walls
  • Confirm roofing and gutters are clear of debris and tree limbs
  • Check windows and screens for damage
  • Inspect windows, door frames, and siding for wood rot and damage
  • Inspect for insect and rodent infestations/droppings or other animal intrusions
  • Inspect walkways and decking
  • Inspect outdoor showers and spigots for leaks /confirm shut-off in winter
  • Test exterior lighting
  • Test exterior fans
  • Inspect A/C Units for obvious issues
  • Retrieve mail and forward first class, dispose of flyers & door hangers


  • Inspect the lawn’s overall condition
  • Inspect pruning of bushes and trees
  • Test landscape lighting
  • Confirm irrigation system is in good working order
  • Inspect pool, spa, outdoor shower, and spigots; confirm winterization

Home Interior

  • Confirm that all exterior doors are locked and secured
  • Confirm that all windows are closed, locked, and secured
  • Confirm burglar alarm and smoke/CO2 detectors are functioning properly
  • Inspect ceilings and walls for moisture and water intrusion
  • Inspect windows, skylights, and door frames for moisture, water intrusion, and wood rot
  • Inspect floors for moisture, water intrusion, and wood rot
  • Inspect for insect and rodent infestations/droppings or other animal intrusions
  • Test all lighting: replace dead bulbs and inventory supplies
  • Test ceiling fans
  • Confirm thermostats are operating correctly
  • Test kitchen faucet and garbage disposal/check for leaks and functionality
  • Confirm that refrigerator and freezer/ice maker are operating properly with no leaks
  • Confirm all other appliances are free of issues and are in good working order


  • Run sink faucets and showers, and inspect for leaks
  • Flush toilets and inspect for leaks
  • Confirm that the exhaust fan is operating properly
  • Inspect the condition of grout/caulk in shower and bathtubs


  • Inspect roof sheathing for water stains
  • Inspect for insect and rodent infestations/droppings or other animal intrusions
  • Inspect insulation
  • Confirm attic exhaust fans are working properly


  • Check for evidence of water intrusion, standing water, or excessive signs of moisture/mold

  • Breaker box- inspect for tripped breakers

  • Inspect that the furnace is functioning properly

  • Furnace/AC air filters- check and change if necessary, inventory supply

  • Inspect that the Hot Water Heater is operating properly

  • Inspect the sump pump to ensure it is in good working order

  • Inspect for insect and rodent infestations/droppings or other animal intrusions


  • Confirm that garage doors are operating properly
  • Inspect for insect and rodent infestations/droppings or other animal intrusions
  • Inspect for evidence of water intrusion, standing water, or excessive moisture

Concierge and Add-On Services

  • Meet Service Providers- repairmen, utilities, vendors, contractors
  • Grocery and Beverage – place your order at the local store, and we will pick it up and stock your home prior to your or your guest’s arrival.
  • Cleaning services- we will have a local, insured company make your home sparkle
  • Temperature Settings- we will set your home’s temperature to the proper pre-determined setting.
  • Plants- water indoor plants on an owner-pre-determined schedule.
  • Automobiles- start and idle, check for flats.
  •  Arrange airport pick-up or departure through a vetted, 3rd party service.
  • Special Requests-give us a call and we will figure it out together.

Storm Services

  • Safe Harbor will create a custom plan to ensure your home is prepared for storms.
  • Securing or moving outdoor furniture, potted plants, and loose objects
  • Close and open storm shutters.
  • Water access prevention (eg.) sandbags, and boarding-up where applicable.
  • Taking pre and post-storm photographs of home & property
  • Meet with the insurance company and facilitate access for them.
  • Set up tree removal services and other necessary repairmen
  • Replace outdoor furniture and decor that was moved before the storm
  • Confirm all services are working in the home

Key Holder Service

For a nominal monthly fee, we will securely hold your key and provide access only upon your request. If you ask us to check on your home after a storm, give contractor access, or one of our other services, normal concierge hourly rates will apply.

Rental Property Support Services

Pre-season or weekly rental service plan. We will create a custom plan combining our Standard Services along with any of the Concierge Services based on your needs.

Home Maintenance

Our talented team can do most general repairs, upgrades, and maintenance including:

  • Power washing- decks, driveways, patio furniture, fences, north-facing walls
  • Interior painting
  • Minor carpentry
  • Minor plumbing
  • Basic electrical work
  • Repair or replace screens
  • Seasonal Services

Reporting System

Safe Harbor Home Watch NJ uses an interactive software solution hosted through HomeWatch IT. Immediately following our visit to your property we will send a checklist report through email and/or a customer-friendly APP that provides a summary of the condition and status of the home and property to the homeowner. Any areas of concern will be highlighted and photographs will be provided to better identify the issue.

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